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Originally Posted by murphy1313 View Post
Has to be the ABSOLUTE WORST break for me EVER !!! I had exactly 2 "hits"
1) 2012 TTT Unity Relic Auto J.Bruce
2) 2012 TTT Unity relic J.Cueto

Yep...... That was a great $300 spent.... Didn't even see anything worth much in the hard luck list either..... The bad luck for me this week just keeps on rolling on..... FML !!!

Surprise !!!!! More bad luck comes my way this week..... My mom passed away this morning.... She had been sick battling MS for years now.... She's finally at peace.... What's next ??? UGH !!!
Buying 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Chris Sale autos..... Base to Super..... Raw is preferred but I'll also buy graded.... PM me and let me know what you have .....

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