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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Classic Topps

They rectify their 2012 mistakes by loading up Prime with some nice hits and finally not completely short printing the top players.

But then their QC is horrendeous and while some people get super lucky in getting multiple luck and griffin autos in the same box, some people get the shaft missing one or both autos.
It's sad because I just haven't had as much fun opening Panini this year and not much luck with them either. I got some value, but my good hits were just ugly cards to me.

Now this is the first time in my short return to the hobby I've been shorted hits. I could stomach getting reamed on Platinum. I just can't see how Topps will almost inevitably send me trash when they're wasting MY time and killing my buzz.

I'm going to be brazen and politely ask for packs or something. I won't settle for two Auto Relics of Toon and Broyles when they damn well know that they essentially stole my money.
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