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DeMarco Murray

When he was drafted in the third round in 2011, I knew he would be a star in the NFL, just based on his performance and statistics at Oklahoma (has virtually every record for a RB from there, the same school that produced AP, Billy Sims, Marcus Dupree, Tommy McDonald, etc).

Through 17 games in his career (8 of which he had minor impact due to PT or injury), he has 1,134 rushing yards and 297 receiving yards. Those are top RB numbers, and those are through 9 starts. Pretty amazing if you ask me. As long as his O-line can get blocking this year, he will continue to get huge chunks of yardage, break tackles, and injure the opposing tacklers.

My "addiction" of him as now turned into a serious disease. Any penny I have I tend to put toward a card of his that I don't have. Plus, I got to meet him which is pretty cool.

Here is the PC so far, with 4 cards in hand to scan yet, and 5 incoming (not counting the 2 pending redemptions)
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