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Originally Posted by tnarg View Post
Curious minds want to know. Current NFL players.

My favorite current NFL player is Charles Tillman. I've collected him since 03. I just love the way he plays the game and forces turnovers. Has definitely given the Bears a chance to win quite a few times. They usually don't, but at least he gives them a chance.

So who's your favorite nfl player and why?
ties- Aaron Rodgers Charles Woodson Maurice Jones Drew. all are outstanding players, Aaron Rodgers QB's my favorite team and he has a good sharp mind on and off the field. Rodgers called those accusations of his friend Ryan Braun's steroid use false and was proven right. Woodson is also a great player and amazing at stripping the ball and getting the RB in the back field for a CB. He has also shown support for unions an issue not many other players would openly do except for their own. He was also one of the first to lay into the replacement refs. Both players peak their minds and do a very good job of it. They also quickly brought GB a SB within a timely manner after Favres departure.

Maurice Jones Drew-i like his vigor. to me he is the next barry sanders. a short iron ball you cant tackle on a team that cant win. his ypg average is always solid and he can catch out of the backfield. one of my favorite things about him is that he wears no32. he wears no. 32 because every team passed on him in the first round. so there's a 'i remember/vengeance' thing there and i like that. its like demanding satisfaction and then slapping yourself in the face with the glove and then going after the person as a result. i love it and i have his jersey and the idea of demanding satisfaction is in my mind when i wear it.

honorable mention-Nick Collins, seriously look at the defense without him. not the same. nowhere close. WE MISS YOU NICK!!!! HOPE YOU DO YOUR AUTOGRAPH FOOD DRIVE AGAIN IN NEW BERLIN THIS YEAR

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