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Originally Posted by bradical View Post
Miguel Cabrera hits 44 HRs, has 139 RBIs and Tigers fans think he had greatest year ever. Josh Hamilton hits 43 HRs, knocks in 128, and gets booed by Rangers fans.
It is all about "What have you done for me lately?" That is why he was booed. I was there. I booed him and the entire team too. It was a pathetic effort. From April until August the Rangers were the best team in the American League. From Sept. 1 on...terrible.

You guys are all a bunch of overreacting crazies.

I started this mess so I want to finish it. Hamilton is a great player. I am still a huge fan of his and I hope he continues to have a great career. It is way more than just stats with him. I watch him every day. Many of you don't. You see a box score and make a judgement. I watch the at bats. I see the absurd hacks he takes up there. No plate discipline. I would be scared to think of the numbers he would put up if he was really focused.

I actually hope the Rangers can re-sign him. I think he will want more than the Rangers are willing to pay and that will be that.

There are so many comments in this thread that I want to answer, but I am afraid I will have a meltdown. And yes...Kinsler is NOT PRODUCTIVE!!! Watch the damn games!! It is more than stats!!!
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