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Originally Posted by Moyni View Post
It is all about "What have you done for me lately?" That is why he was booed. I was there. I booed him and the entire team too. It was a pathetic effort. From April until August the Rangers were the best team in the American League. From Sept. 1 on...terrible.

You guys are all a bunch of overreacting crazies.

I started this mess so I want to finish it. Hamilton is a great player. I am still a huge fan of his and I hope he continues to have a great career. It is way more than just stats with him. I watch him every day. Many of you don't. You see a box score and make a judgement. I watch the at bats. I see the absurd hacks he takes up there. No plate discipline. I would be scared to think of the numbers he would put up if he was really focused.

I actually hope the Rangers can re-sign him. I think he will want more than the Rangers are willing to pay and that will be that.

There are so many comments in this thread that I want to answer, but I am afraid I will have a meltdown. And yes...Kinsler is NOT PRODUCTIVE!!! Watch the damn games!! It is more than stats!!!
I do watch the games (every single one of them) and you are a crazy person if you actually believe Kinsler isn't productive. Wash and his loyalty to Young killed this team.
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