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Originally Posted by briscogun View Post
I bought 4 packs yesterday to open with my 5 yr old last night. He pulled a Cyrus Gray auto (sticker). He was so excited he ran upstairs (after dad put it in a top loader), showed his mom and then immediately pulled his entire box of cards out to start sorting and comparing. It's his first auto card and he was so jazzed! That is what this is all about.
This is the post of the year because this really is what this is all about.

If your son and all of the 5 year-olds like him continue to get excited about cards, then this hobby has a bright future. But if they don't, the hobby will slowly fade into a forgotten pastime. All of the card companies need to find a way to encourage these young kids to want to collect; whether it's base cards, autos, jerseys, etc. So far, they haven't done a very good job of doing that and I'm afraid it doesn't bode well for the hobby.
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