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Basketball will be fine. Baseball, football, hockey could be in trouble. I live in a 700,000 Metropolitan Area and there is one card shop(within 40 miles) that is open a total of about 10 hours a week. He gets new releases about 2 weeks later than everyone else and gets like 1 box of each. The hobby will still be here just smaller. Kids are never going to buy $100 boxes. Card companies are going to have to really get creative on the mid-high stuff. I love the look of Triple Treads, but the days of jersey sticker autos for almost $200 a box
And getting $60 worth of cards is getting old. I know I know, buy singles. The problem is you need people to open the boxes. I'm guessing card companies will get more creative over the 5 years and produce less product than what they make currently, whether it be print runs or other.
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