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Default FS Last D Robinson Exquisite limited logos numbers patchs

Ok so after much thought i am selling the last d robinson cards i have aside from one limited logo auto. Shipping is on top of price, cost at your choice of method. I will consider a trade for either manu or tony parker autos as im starting a pc of one of these guys. thanks for looking.

03-04 exquisite Jersey $100

03-04 Exquisite dual jersey $180

UD black trophy auto /25 $170

UD black 50th anniversary auto $180

03-04 Exquisite Numbers Auto $350

03-04 Exquisite Patch Auto $300

04-05 Exquisite Limited Logos Auto $600

05-06 Exquisite Limited Logos Auto $400

06-07 Exquisite Limited Logos $350

08-09 Exquisite Scripted Swatches /25 $250

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