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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
I agree that it would be tough to pull the astros or padres. That is why I have it this way actually. However, the argument is that is the risk in a high risk break...

With only 25 spots, I would have a lot of trouble getting enough product to make it worth it I think.
As one who got the Pads 4 times this go around, I would be ok getting one team in all the boxes. It adds to the excitement and the risk/reward.

Hey if I wanted something guaranteed I would take the $300 and buy myself a box of somehting to get at least one hit. What Houdini is doing is giving you a chance for a big hit spread out over alot of boxes. Love the reward for the risk!!

So I would be good for one team in all the breaks. Or however you would want to structure it!

Will be in the next break when it comes up!
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