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Originally Posted by Bluemarlin528 View Post
No one is ever ready to lose a parent no matter what the situation. If I hit the random on the Pedroia/Kinsler it's yours.

NO NO NO !!!!! Absolutely not !!!!! I'm a big boy(39 years old).... I work hard for my $$$$ just like all of you guys..... I understand that there is great risk going into these breaks..... I do it a lot...... This was not my intention when I posted this..... While I appreciate your offer, I will absolutely refuse ANY "gift" whatsoever ....... Like I said before, it's just a SH! week for me and my mom passing was a breaking point in frustration...... Once again, THANK YOU ALL !!!
I'm buying Micah Johnson Bowman Chrome Autos....... I'd do both graded and raw..... PM me and let me know what you have .....

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