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Originally Posted by murphy1313 View Post
NO NO NO !!!!! Absolutely not !!!!! I'm a big boy(39 years old).... I work hard for my $$$$ just like all of you guys..... I understand that there is great risk going into these breaks..... I do it a lot...... This was not my intention when I posted this..... While I appreciate your offer, I will absolutely refuse ANY "gift" whatsoever ....... Like I said before, it's just a SH! week for me and my mom passing was a breaking point in frustration...... Once again, THANK YOU ALL !!!
I'm sorry for your loss, Murphy. My mom passed away when I was 15, after suffering for nearly 10 years, so I know what you're going through. Granted, we're both adutls (31 and 39, I think you said), but if you need any advice or anything, let me know.
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