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Originally Posted by chipmaster View Post
Absolutely incorrect on so many levels.

Most of the fonts are completely wrong, most of the colors are off, and there are details that the fakes cannot replicate. Have you seen the new RG3 knock offs? LMFAO, they are atrocious. Compare a legit to a knockoff - they are night and day different.

If you know nothing about jerseys, then fakes are fine. But trust me, those of us who have real ones are laughing and pointing behind your backs, and that's no joke.
yeah GB away jerseys have eagle green letters and numbers (thats why they are rare on ebay) and i have seen a package of a dozen jerseys opened and the 5 jerseys that were the same were ok but the NFL patch was crooked on 1 and the other jerseys nameplates were crooked and/or had spots of white in the letters or had wild stitching. it was like 1 or 2 people stitched them and when they had to start on a different jersey they readjusted poorly. crooked and wildly sewn nameplates seem to be the biggest mistake. then color associated with away jerseys. ive seen some gnarly captains patch placement on ebay too.

so basically get 11 people to buy the same/similar jersey and only 1 or 2 should be screwed up and you get free shipping. otherwise its a gamble. shipping costs and added fees appear different depending on the site and final checkout costs.
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