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Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
I joined the ql-700 label maker club too.

I tried setting it up with my Mac and it connects fine. However, when I attempted to print labels from Paypal. It seems my Java application is out of date. So I attempted to download the newest update for Java, only to be turned down because I'm still running on Leopard (Mac OS X v10.5) . Apparently I need to update to Lion (Mac OS X v10.7) to properly get this to work.

So until I find a loophole to this problem and or update my Operating System, I luckily have a Windows 7 notebook that works good with the ql -700.

The label maker is awesome. No more ink printing labels for me.
Yea it will connect fine, then when I print it prints out a foot long piece a only prints in the middle the opposite way like its a 8.5x11.
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