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Originally Posted by IamRalpho View Post
Not excuses but people are already saying he sucks as a manager, but he wont be great next year because of what is in Cleveland. I am talking about JUST next year, but for the life of his contract if he cant do anything with that team then its his fault as well

You could be the greatest manager in the world, but if you had Clevelands roster RIGHT NOW, you arent winning anything.
He does suck as a manager. But he's great at managing personalities. Well, the Indians don't have any personalitiies, they need an "X's and O's" manager, so to speak who will get the most out of the least talent. Something he has never done.

And for the record, the 2004 Red Sox had a payroll far exceeding $120million for the fine gentleman that talked about putting together a rag tag team, does this sound like one, circa 2004?

Manny Ramirez $20,409,542.00
Pedro Martinez $17,500,000.00
Curt Schilling $12,000,000.00
Nomar Garciaparra $11,500,000.00
Johnny Damon $8,000,000.00
Jason Varitek $6,900,000.00
David Ortiz $4,587,500.00
Derek Lowe $4,500,000.00
Trot Nixon $4,500,000.00
Tim Wakefield $4,350,000.00
Ricky Gutierrez $4,166,667.00
Ramiro Mendoza $3,600,000.00
Keith Foulke $3,500,000.00
Byung-Hyun Kim $3,425,000.00
Kevin Millar $3,300,000.00
Scott Williamson $3,175,000.00
Alan Embree $3,000,000.00
Doug Mientkiewicz $2,800,000.00
Mike Timlin $2,500,000.00
Bill Mueller $2,100,000.00
Terry Adams $1,700,000.00
Orlando Cabrera $1,500,000.00
Curtis Leskanic $1,250,000.00
Pokey Reese $1,000,000.00
Dave Roberts $975,000.00
Doug Mirabelli $825,000.00
Ellis Burks $750,000.00
Gabe Kapler $750,000.00
Mike Myers $550,000.00
David McCarty $500,000.00
Mark Bellhorn $490,000.00
Bronson Arroyo $332,500.00
Abe Alvarez $300,000.00
Jamie Brown $300,000.00
Lenny DiNardo $300,000.00
Andy Dominique $300,000.00
Mark Malaska $300,000.00
Anastacio Martinez $300,000.00
Phil Seibel $300,000.00
Earl Snyder $300,000.00
Kevin Youkilis $300,000.00
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