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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
This is a true story,
When I was in school and when N64 first came out
Taco Bell held a similiar contest with Nintendo chracters.
You collect certain pieces for free taco, free n64 games,
Free n64 system and with the grand prize being Million bucks.
So I'm in taco bell one day with Friends and I get the Super Mario piece which is part of million dollars. Of course I'm thinking Mario? Common piece since he is the center piece and thought nothing of it.
So I throw away the piece and few weeks later I'm in taco bell again
And this time I'm looking at the back of the game piece for odds of getting the stickers..
*Cue the Music*
Mario was 1:16,000,000

True fu*king Story....
That's terrible. You could have been a millionaire and bought all the cards you want!

As for the McDonalds things all I've won is the snapfish prints. Sucks.

By the way, does anyone have any online codes available? Theyre the ones at the bottom of the game pieces
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