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OMG! That's disgusting... I have a 2012 Knockout Red Ink Brock #/15 that I'm waiting for. Damn, I paid a lot for it too... I will probably get screwed too.

That sucks dude, sorry to hear! Maybe you can send it back? If I recall right, those Lesnar redemptions were selling for around 30 to 35 bucks... I'd be surprised if the Machida got even 15 bucks.

I have a ton of Topps UFC autos that I'm waiting for. And I'm not buying another single redemption or even a box, until they get their act together. They keep releasing products (Bloodlines coming in Nov and Knockout in early 2013), and they can't even fill redemptions from as far back as 2010 Knockout. Unbelievable.
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