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Default Cardcop is back - block now!!

eBay: taoist.traveler

Feel free to fact-check, but I have no doubt this is Cardcop...

Dear taoist.traveler,A) You have no clue why I ended the auction, so please keep your ignorance to yourselfB) Feel free to report anything you'd likeC) I owe you no explanationD) You are now blockedE) When will you learn, Cardcop, no one wants you involved in this hobbyF) You have now been reported, and will surely be kicked off eBay again very soon- nhsportsguy

From: taoist.traveler
To: nhsportsguy
Subject: taoist.traveler has sent a message
Sent Date: Oct-07-12 09:38:25 PDT

Dear nhsportsguy,Why did you end my bid? You can't just end items when you think they won't sell for whast you think they should. That's a MAJOR rule breaker on eBay & you will face suspension. Should I report this, or do you have an explanation?James- taoist.traveler
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