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Your man card becomes moot after you have been married for a few years

My father has this model, painted bright Orange

After several Orange M&M jokes from me and then the same types of jokes from co-workers,the poor beast and it's 2 weeks of use, sit in the back of the garage

His thinking was gas and mobility...the retard factor didn't come into play.....add the bright orange shirts and facepaint and I am shocked he made it through 1 Tennessee game without being beat to death by fellow fans for bringing the embarrassing ride.

He has moved up in the ranks a bit, his 2011 Volkswagon something, is all white....the giant Orange T on the hood and the logo with the dog in the middle on each door....however...he did just buy one of these....and I can only imagine how long before it is radiating in orange and any "Cool" leeched from its frame

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