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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
Originally Posted by TheHeel View Post
I always wondered what you and Houdini looked like.
I am the guy.... the one that is... umm... these guys are equally repulsive.

Ok I just knocked out the guy in the yellow towel with the semi-wood (apparently WV... I had no idea at the time) and I am holding him down for the proper authorities to arrive. Was he trying to float away? I guess so. I knocked him out because he stole all my freaking clothes! Not sure who else from BO is in the picture, but there must be some based on a post above. I will let them explain what they are doing.

I did not know that was TheHeel with the camera. I will let him explain the Justin Beiber t-shirt, fanny pack, and crocs he was wearing.
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