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Originally Posted by yaoming View Post
Wow??? So if I buy one for $2500 I am an idiot??
The middle men are making 1200 profit for a 1290 case?
This is making me really upset!

You are mad because a LCS is making $1200 on a product that cost them $1290? There is nothing wrong with trying to get the going rate for a product.

What do you think of people who bought SPA Derrick Rose RCs back in November 2010 for $250-$300 and were getting $900-$1500 in June 2011? Did you expect them to move them for $400 since they only had $300 into it?

On a 12 box case of a regular product that costs a dealer $900, dealers typically only make $250-$300 on the case and thats before credit card fees, cost of keeping the lights on, etc. So when they get an opportunity to make REAL profit on a product, they need to take advantage of it. I'm sure if you are a loyal customer that doesn't run to another dealer because they are $5 cheaper, that your LCS will give you a good price on a hot product. But unfortunately for a LCS, most people go wherever the price is cheaper (I don't blame them, that's just what a LCS has to deal with). Loyal customers who would trade the $5 savings for a fun LCS experience will most likely see better pricing on hot products.
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