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Originally Posted by monkeymcgee View Post
Well, I grew up on hair metal, 80s pop, and Guns 'n Roses. I had only a passing familiarity with punk when I first heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Honestly, I wasn't a huge Nirvana fan right away, but I liked their sound a lot. They opened the door for a ton of later bands that in some cases were musically superior (Radiohead, for one), but they also shed light on a lot of superior bands who influenced them that people outside of college radio weren't very familiar with (like The Pixies and The Melvins).

Say what you want about Cobain, but the dude could write an awesome punk/pop song.
Talking about music always makes me chuckle because so many people can't handle when someone insults a band they like.

I dropped music when the 90s came around because I felt it did nothing but go downhill. It got louder and harder to understand. It seemed good writing just vanished. By the late 90s with the boy bands and such, well, it went to hell. Then American Idol took over and now it's just karaoke which is pathetic.

I've always liked the 80s music, almost all kinds except country. Even some of the 80s I didn't like back in the 80s I like now. There just doesn't seem to be much left these days for those that like anything that isn't formulaic pop.

I swear, Nickelback may be the best band of the past 10 years which is like saying Wilson Valdez is the best player on your team...
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