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So it's almost impossible to buy something and make money on it, I've seen it on here before, some guy spends $300 on some totally certified and some triple threads and gets $40 worth of stuff and says that panini sucks and that he will never buy it again. Then some guy buys $400 worth of National Treasures and hits a Cam Newton RPA and claims it is worth $5,000. I know that it is a rare pull. I was thinking along the lines of buying some topps chrome or supreme and doing a team grab bag break and trying to make some cash. I saw a guy buy a hobby box of chrome and he made $200 on it total that would be about a $50 profit. I was thinking a long the lines of doing something like that. Just say you had something of about $25 and you wanted to get into a break, what are some of the products that you would have interest in?
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Be careful if you do ebay group breaks, its against the rules and you could get screwed.
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