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What do I need to know to become a man whore? You have to be willing to do anything with a woman of any age and in any shape.

What skills and strengths allowed you to be picked over everyone else? My good looks, charming personality, and ability to predict what any woman is looking for in a man.

Greatest challenge in your job? STDs, bad breath, and dryness.

What should I do to prepare for this job? Do 1000+ sit ups a day, learn how to speak with an exotic accent, lather rinse repeat ALWAYS REPEAT, learn how to do tongue push ups, and learn how to control your breathing (This comes in very handy when dealing with some women)

Qualities they look in, in your position? Abs and nice hair.

What made you successful? I learned how to make even the most horrendous looking woman feel like a beauty queen.

How did you find the job? It all started when one of my mother's rich friends asked me to come over and mow her lawn. I thought she meant something else. She started recommending me to her other rich gal pals and my career took off.

Do you have any suggestions for me on where to look for a similar job? Upscale clubs that cater to mature women.

Strategies you used to get your job? Flashed my abs and million dollar smile.

Do you love your job? Yes and no. The money is fantastic, so I have everything I need and more. However, I have begun respecting myself less and less every single day.

The world of man whoring is a dangerous one, so never make friends with a fellow man whore because he may stab you in the back one day and destroy your reputation.
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