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Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
I wasn't saying that they shouldn't have gone there, but rather that their production is higher than some 1st, 2nd or 3rd rd picks.
Happens every year. When tracking the averages there is almost always a 40% change in who the top 10 rbs are from the preseason to the finish. My problem today is that I have

Ahmad bradshaw
Alfred morris
Matt forte
Reggie Bush

And can only start 3 of them each week. I wish I could start all 4 of them. I wouldn't mind trading one away for a must start every week WR and a RB but no ones offering so one of those studs are going to ride the bench each week if I don't get an offer.

Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
Jordy Nelson and Antonio Gates are really dragging my team down. Wish there were better options out there
Almost hit you up about Nelson last week. My week 8 problems still there
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