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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Everything I did was in plain sight, it was you who decided to post private information about me and also one of your buyers.
And everything you did was sleazy. You keep claiming foul about your ridiculous offer, but all you're doing is proving you made a stupid low offer and you're embarrassed by it. You opened the door there with your snide "math, try it some time," remark. I put on evidence of your shady math, sorry if that upset you. You keep saying I opened fire, all I did was respond. Like I said, either you had to get your opinion out there, or you wanted me to offer you a lower price. You could've just moved on in either case. But you didn't.

As far as my offer on eBay is concerned. I blacked out the guy's name. I left one little detail unblacked in my original shot, and it was up for maybe 5 seconds. I removed it, edited, put it back up until you saw it (so you couldn't claim I was just making up the number), and removed it. I made a mistake in the first instance, but I cleaned it up.
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