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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
I would strongly suggest picking up a few of these sorting trays. It will cut down on your set sorting time significantly.

Card Sorting Tray / Display for Sports and Non Sports Cards / Magic / Yu Gi Oh | eBay

Generally when I have a very large break like this, I will sort everything out by 100's, then 10's, and finally single cards. Start building the sets from the bottom card up, taking notes on each pile if there is an incomplete set or 2. For me this is a significantly quicker process.
Originally Posted by imnotded View Post
I use these when I have to sort for group breaks:

Card Sorting Tray / Display for Sports and Non Sports Cards / Magic / Yu Gi Oh | eBay

They are a life saver when sorting a ton of cards. The only drawback is they are a strange size (6x3).

Excellent, thanks for the links. That would help out significantly.

As for the sorting "process", Brent says he now sorts directly into sets of 10. I will have to respectfully disagree with him that this is the best way. My average time going by 10s directly was about 35-37 minutes per set ... average time going by 100s, then 10s, was about 29-31 minutes per set. Might vary person to person ... all has to do with how your brain works I guess.

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