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Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing!

I also sort into 10's out of the packs. Everyone is different, and a lot of what determines your sorting speed is getting into a reliable sorting rhythm, a rhythm in which you don't make mistakes. Finding that right rhythm for you is a personal preference.

If getting hits listed is of utmost importance, then I wouldn't sort into 10's, because doing so adds time to the busting phase. If you really need to get the hits out and listed ASAP, then I'd sort 100's, or don't even sort at all. But then you've got a sorting mess ahead of you.

I've done 10 cases of *hobby* (way more packs than Jumbo) before - 2011 Bowman MLB. And it's just me. No help at all. That was my limit. I was completely out of gas at the end of that break. No way could I do 20-60 cases by myself. Brent, I believe, has a lot of help. And that help, I believe, is critical to his business. Anyone wanting to do that many cases must have a team of people helping with different phases of the break.

Right now I stick to 4-6 cases, it works for me, I can do it fast and with little/no mistakes, and I don't go insane from being too busy. Also, I'm doing basketball mostly. You baseball case breakers have completely stolen the entire market! You baseball pigs!
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