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FWIW, here's the 2 messages I got from him here on BO, and one on eBay.

Originally Posted by clownquestionbr
You need to think long and hard about what you did. I have a family to provide for. You are messing with my family. My boys need to eat. My boys love opening cards with their pop and selling them on eBay. They got carried away and must have been trying to impress dad with big sales so they'd get a great Halloween party. Seriously, you should have come to me like a man and discussed this and not blown it up to the whole card collecting community. I HAVE A FAMILY TO PROVIDE FOR. I could and would have taken care of this situation. I am a grown man. I'm not a little kid. I handle things like a man. You should too. Whatever took place will never happen again. I need you to think long and hard if you want to keep these posts up about me. Every day you do is a day that my kids could go without food on the table. Is that really worth it to you? I want you to know that you have my word that it's all clean from here on out. Man to man, give me a second chance. That is all I am asking for. I have a family to provide for. Everyone deserves a second chance. My family relies on me for money and food. Please keep this between me and you. The way it should be

My Reply-

This will be my last message to you. Feel free to block me. I don't give a rats ass about you having to provide for your family. You are STEALING money from other people trying to provide for their families. The funny thing is, I was trying to figure out how to price some of my auctions, and that's how I came across you. If you choose to continue to rip people off, that's fine. Do whatever the hell you want. But we as a community will continue to let others know about liars and cheaters. This community is supposed to be about collecting, having fun, and enjoying the hobby. Not ripping other people off.

Originally Posted by clownquestionbr
i posted a public apology on your thread. I truly am sorry.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I deleted all the bids and I will donate the 10% on my future listings.

Please give me another chance
And the eBay one...

Dear potlimitomahafan,

So how many accounts do you have to shill your auctions? We've found 2 so far... Avoid this eBay shiller: clownquestionbro

- verufian

Dear verufian,

listen, where and how do you want me to apologize? I feel terrible. #1 It will never happen again. #2 I will donate 10% of all my listings to charity for the next month. #3 it will never happen again. #4 I have a family to provide for. Please give me a second chance. All I ask for is a second chance. I have to provide for my family

- potlimitomahafan
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