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Default Calling out ebacardi2, sorry for not doing this earlier.

I'm sorry for not doing the right thing in the beginning. I actually trusted what they told me was true. I'm beginning to see how naive I was.

It all started here when I posted a box break:

(2) Boxes Platinum + 2 packs from a fresh box

Wasn't sure if I was selling anything yet. He sends me a message on the dual. Here's all the PM's. Personal info removed:

Originally Posted by ebacardi2
Will you sell the dual? lmk

Originally Posted by Verufian
I would sell it. There's nothing to compare it to that I've found, and I hate saying "give me an offer"...but I'm torn on what to price it out at. I know what RGIII RPA's sell for, what are you thinking?
Originally Posted by ebacardi2
Thing is with Kendall Wright it can not be compared directly to a RG3 RPA. The Finest Dual Jersey Auto /10 of them is selling for $150, I think with this /25 and the card having patches thinking $280-$300
Originally Posted by Verufian
FWIW, here's a completed 2012 Topps Platinum RGIII/Wright Auto #/25, no patch for $325 completed yesterday
Originally Posted by ebacardi2
actually that was not sold, seller had it at 325 and ended it and relisted at 799.99 OBO. The card will never sell for that much.
Originally Posted by Verufian
That's crazy...I just saw that. It looks like someone hit BO, and changed their mind. My apologies
Originally Posted by ebacardi2
how about we do 250 PP and the Wilson and call it a deal.
Originally Posted by Verufian
Just said the same in another message. REMOVED is the pp addy. Here's my send info:

Originally Posted by ebacardi2
I have 85 in PP, I can send today if you want as a deposit. Just lmk
Originally Posted by Verufian
No need. I know you are good for it. Just shoot me a message here when it's been done. I'll have it mailed out on Monday as well once the payment has been sent.
Originally Posted by ebacardi2
Not sure if interested but would you want a wilson(russell) momentum triple jersey auto vs PP
Originally Posted by Verufian
Depends on the value you are putting on it. Do you have a scan, or are the patches the typical white or blue solid?

Originally Posted by ebacardi2
let me get a pic, its /15! would need the 250 for it, just an idea.

Originally Posted by Verufian
Let me see a pic of it once you get it. I'm leaning no, I could use the PP, but I'm curious. I'm not as sold on Wilson as Pete Carroll is

Originally Posted by ebacardi2
Hey, I am not going to be able to complete the deal. I had an emergency last night with one of my dogs and had to take him to the 24hr emergency room and spent 800 bucks and another 150 today at my reg. vet. I would never back out of a deal unless there is no other choice and there is no other choice. I apologize and hope you can understand. Eric

actually that was not sold, seller had it at 325 and ended it and relisted at 799.99 OBO. The card will never sell for that much.
This was BS. 2 sold at $325 at this point.

AT THIS POINT, IT IS MY FAULT for not posting appropriate feedback. I apologize to the community.

Fast forward to today. I see this post:

Same dual, same potential buyer

Card in his photobucket

This will be the last time I am this naive. I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner. Obviously he found the card cheaper after our deal was made. Appropriate feedback has been left.
Photobucket -
Always looking for Current Mariners / Seahawks auto's.

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