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I went ahead and blocked him after this PM exchange...

Originally Posted by ebacardi2
So u decide to leave me negative feedback for a deal that I had to back out of because my dog was sick. Send me your email and I will scan you a copy of the Vet bill. I will contact fish to delete the comment
Originally Posted by Verufian
No, you got the negative for backing out of a deal. Good luck getting that removed. I've already contacted fish to have my "positive" removed from you.
Originally Posted by ebacardi2
I called fish and he is removing it, you can not agree to let a buyer out of a deal then try to leave negative feedback 3-4 weeks later and he agreed with me. Your a real JA
Originally Posted by Verufian
I didn't LET you out of the deal. You told me you couldn't complete it. Whatever man. I won't be responding any longer.

But he called I guess that means I'm wrong.
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