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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
lol, totally
besides, the other breakers get onto me for sharing info and tips as it brings more guys in and causes all of us to end up losing $ and time
I just try to be helpful and if you are already breaking why not discuss it so it can help us all in the end is the you & I discussed via phone

and yep, not all things pre-sell as well as after, plus you never know when Topps will throw a curve and have base be SP or set sizes change etc (Heritage has been the worse over the years at that)
Case breaking in 10+ cases is such a huge undertaking, I can see many trying it, but failing miserably.

Just think of all the shipping supplies needed. You have to have stock of bubble mailers, team bags, sleeves, top loaders, paper, ink for printer, labels if you use a thermal printer which you MUST USE if you ship 100+ items in a week, card boxes which hold sets (presuming you puts sets into card boxes), etc. etc. And you need to have purchased all those supplies in bulk, or you are going to blow all your profit away on supplies.

Also, I think a lot of buyers are aware of case breakers who have experience, and those that don't. Buyers are willing to pay more for a card if it's coming from a case breaker they can trust and know it will get delivered quickly and safely. I know that is true, because some buyers tell me this strait up. They don't want to risk buying from a case breaker who is new to it, maybe they get the card in a week, maybe it's damaged because they didn't use a team bag or tape, etc.

Plus, you have to have OCD to sort 20,000+ cards. No way in heck can a non-OCD person do it. My brother is a normal person. Said he'd help me. He loved opening the packs. Once we were done opening, we started sorting. He sorted for 10 minutes and said "this sucks ass", he got up, grabbed a beer, turn on the TV and watched reruns of South Park. At that point I was stuck sorting twice as many cards as I thought I was going to sort. I knew it might happen so I was ready for it. But normal people won't sort. They just won't.

I don't think there's any problem sharing any of this info. Most people, if they really tried to bust 10+ cases, would do it once, lose thousands, and never do it again.

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