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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Hey jackass, if you don't have something worthwhile to post, stay the #@#@#@#@ out of my threads

This is only the second advice thread I've posted and the other was when I first started, have had other issues pop up that were easily dealt with, was just looking for some thoughts on a new situation I had never thought would come up.

There is nothing wrong with these threads, there is no reason someone shouldn't be able to ask for some advice as to how something on here should be handled, if you don't like it, just don't read those threads.

This is why 95% of this board can't stand you
You are such a whiny B*tch. And, to make matters worse, you have only been on here for around 7 months are have almost 3000 posts.

Here's some advice, be a F***ing ADULT. Handle your #@#@#@#@ and don't get yourself into situations that you can't get out of. That will be difficult for you since you seem to have a new problem every other day.

Best of luck to you, crybaby.
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