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Originally Posted by rngrbrown View Post
I think that since you acknowledged there is a risk in spending the money ahead of time then that was a Risk you..WILLINGLY took..So If you are unhappy with the deal..The other member is willing to go back to zero and undo the deal..Then its on YOU to either refund the money and send the card back or to just deal with it..Honestly to me I dont see those pen marks dropping the value that much if any at all..especially if it is a collectable card/player...
Well it's not really a collectables player, it's a defensive player, they generally seem to have a niche market. I even asked someone who collects the player their thoughts on it and he himself said he wouldn't have been happy with it.

And like I said, the "risk" I took was that the cards would arrive safely, not that there would be an issue with the card that could have been disclosed earlier.

Me and the member worked it out anyways
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