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Originally Posted by FanboyOfNone View Post
Exquisite Basketball seems too "generous" for most hits to really offer a strong ROI. One Jordan auto per case plus either a Bird, Lebron, Magic, Bill Russell, Dr. J...or another Jordan auto. So they're promising thousands of Jordan autos? Over saturation even before the product is out. Better hope the Jordan you hit is numbered loooooow.

Fleer Retro was a different beast. With the PMGs and buybacks, you have 233 Jordans (150 PMG red, 50 blue, 10 green, 23 buybacks) that are strong hits. There's Lebron, but his red PMGs are barely exceeding current box prices.

A month after release there will be more Jordan Exquisite autos on the market than the entire print run of Jordans in Fleer Retro. I'd be careful with a product that promises so much.
So what do you recommend then? for Profits only...
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