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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
Well it's not really a collectables player, it's a defensive player, they generally seem to have a niche market. I even asked someone who collects the player their thoughts on it and he himself said he wouldn't have been happy with it.

And like I said, the "risk" I took was that the cards would arrive safely, not that there would be an issue with the card that could have been disclosed earlier.

Me and the member worked it out anyways
Well at the end of the day as long as both sides are happy, it cant be a bad deal..
Originally Posted by FreeMan12406 View Post
I don't understand.

How is it when a member on these boards has a problem, asks for advice, doesn't get the advice that favors them, they have this complete change in attitude like we are in the wrong?
Well that's pretty easy most people when they ask that question are not really looking for advice, they are looking for someone to agree with them!!!
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