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Originally Posted by alexlazarevich View Post
Plus, you have to have OCD to sort 20,000+ cards. No way in heck can a non-OCD person do it. My brother is a normal person. Said he'd help me. He loved opening the packs. Once we were done opening, we started sorting. He sorted for 10 minutes and said "this sucks ass", he got up, grabbed a beer, turn on the TV and watched reruns of South Park. At that point I was stuck sorting twice as many cards as I thought I was going to sort. I knew it might happen so I was ready for it. But normal people won't sort. They just won't.
Not sure OCD is as big a deal as having the attention span.

Doing more than five cases at any given time is rough on me. Had thoughts of hiring the youth group at church and paying $2 per completed set. On a 50 case break that would be a $700-800 fund raiser for them and save me aggravation.

I actually went as far as to go to a local machine shop to see if there were a way to make a collator work for this. I figure Topps uses a collator for their factory sets so maybe they knew something.

No dice.

Which begs the question, what would a sorting service be worth to a case-breaker. $3 a set + cost of shipping?
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