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Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
I think Jaypers mentioned something about Christian Villanueva still being in a Texas Rangers uniform
He may just be as that was one of those deadline deals. I wish we could know for certain. Both Cubs and Rangers have a lot of guys in this so either way it just swings 1 more guy in favor of the other team. The main questions marks I had were with Singleton and Hellweg because there's not a lot of Astros/Phillies guys or Angels/Brewers guys so I'd kind of like to have a definite answer on them. I mean the sale sheet has Hellweg in an Angels uni, but could they change it?

EDIT: Oh wow...I don't know why I didn't catch it earlier, but Singleton was traded last year for Pence. Yeah pretty sure Singleton will be in an Astros uni.

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