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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
Not sure OCD is as big a deal as having the attention span.

Doing more than five cases at any given time is rough on me. Had thoughts of hiring the youth group at church and paying $2 per completed set. On a 50 case break that would be a $700-800 fund raiser for them and save me aggravation.

I actually went as far as to go to a local machine shop to see if there were a way to make a collator work for this. I figure Topps uses a collator for their factory sets so maybe they knew something.

No dice.

Which begs the question, what would a sorting service be worth to a case-breaker. $3 a set + cost of shipping?
It took me about 5 sets to begin thinking in great detail about how this might work. But I'm not skilled at all in that area.

I thought about listing eBay auctions like so: "2012 Topps Update - All Base Cards from Jumbo Box - Sort Your Own F****** Set!" I could hold back a few extras for those folks who find they are a card or two short, or have other issues. If base sets sell for $25 each, wonder if you could get $17-$18 for all base cards in a box (400 as opposed to 330)?
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