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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
It took me about 5 sets to begin thinking in great detail about how this might work. But I'm not skilled at all in that area.

I thought about listing eBay auctions like so: "2012 Topps Update - All Base Cards from Jumbo Box - Sort Your Own F****** Set!" I could hold back a few extras for those folks who find they are a card or two short, or have other issues. If base sets sell for $25 each, wonder if you could get $17-$18 for all base cards in a box (400 as opposed to 330)?
people sell their case breaks like this all the time...there were many update listings like this and many buyers that will buy base unsorted, of course you may leave $ on table if sp or something in there which I have heard of numerous times and $ on table from not sorting, and that may be fine for you, but run the numbers and see if you will still be profitable at that, sure it saves time, but if you lose $ or break even was it worth it to you, it may be, don't know, for some it is
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