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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
It took me about 5 sets to begin thinking in great detail about how this might work. But I'm not skilled at all in that area.

I thought about listing eBay auctions like so: "2012 Topps Update - All Base Cards from Jumbo Box - Sort Your Own F****** Set!" I could hold back a few extras for those folks who find they are a card or two short, or have other issues. If base sets sell for $25 each, wonder if you could get $17-$18 for all base cards in a box (400 as opposed to 330)?
That is hilarious. You should try it. And your title is honest as can be so no issues there.

But I think a lot of collectors are buying sets because they don't want to sort them. I remember a thread about a transaction where the seller sent a complete set, all cards out of order, and the buyer was real pissed, and the seller was upset over the negative feedback. Thing is, a complete set 1-xxx, to 99% of the collectors, that means a sorted set, ascending order.

Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
Also, it is so key to sort sets FACE UP, not card back with number down. This has cut out 99.5% of mistakes. You can visual see the wrong card AND you can find any MISSED SP this way. This was how I first found the 2011 Heritage ARod reverse negative that sold for $ one even knew about it for a couple days at that point.
I think this is a great point, wanted to confirm what he is saying. My real job is working at the Beckman Institute. Other than having really clean toilets which makes taking a dump really nice, the place is filled with scientists doing all kinds of nutty research. Some of them are trying to build optical sensors that can recognize visual patterns as well as humans can. The trick is, our human eye/brain is so freaking good at visual pattern recognition, it is amazingly difficult to get a computer to do it. Knowing this fact, and using it to help speed up sorting, well, that's just genius. There's so much built-in power in our eyes/brain, and a lot of that power we just don't realize we have, or may overlook it. But that power can really mean the difference between a 20 hour sort with 2 mistakes and a 40 hour sort with 100 mistakes. That difference can mean happy customers and thus repeat customers.
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