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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
But how much labor does that involve?
tons, days/weeks

but how much labor do most jobs involve

look at the crab guys on deadliest catch
some make tons of money in small time period although not always, and how much labor and sleep/family time is lost

many jobs can say that. If I am going to lose $2-$3k on a break for not sorting 300-400 sets, then not sure I would break, that is where most of the profits come and why there is profit outside of a rare lucky pull which in big qty does not matter as much... I mean sure a $300-$500+ card is nice, but when compared to $25k+ is a smaller amount then say $2-$3k of base card sorting
just my opinion
PLUS not sure I could move all the cases that way, unsorted that is, most, but not all, and definitely not on ebay, these guys are direct buyers
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