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I too provide for my family, but I would never ever knowingly sell out my integrity no matter what, because once you give it away, you will more then likely never recover it. Artificially boosting your eBay auctions is not only disgraceful, but I would hope someone would notify eBay as to operating in a shilling backed enterprise, I don't know if eBay is still gung-ho about it, but the used to be pretty serious about shutting those kinds of people down fast.

I have to laugh about someone trying to even suggest that they can sue someone for libel or slander over an internet forum. That's so incredibly laughable on so many fronts to make a statement like that really begs the question to any legitimacy of actually BEING an adult and not some little kid using big words.

Incidentally, I saw someone asked about blocking the seller, I assume you know that while you're unable to block a seller per se, you can block people completely from doing business with you on eBay right?
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