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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
couple things. if doing this for fun, then $150 is success, agree, BUT don't forget you have all the time it takes to factor in and then you have taxes at year's end, which so many overlook

series 1 is has been twice as produced as update and yes hearing the production again is very high, they always do it as it is biggest volume mover
Yea, it's more of a for fun thing for me, don't want to do it on the volume of 10-20 cases and rely on the profit. I see it as hopefully I break even (I stick to the lower end releases usually, Gypsy Queen I think was my biggest 3 case purchase money wise) and if I make money its a bonus. It's awesome breaking cases, but I'm smart about it too so I can keep doing it.

Also have a great system for keeping track of taxes, so I got that all covered.

Hopefully Series 1 is just as fun, hopefully the added parallels will add some value, and the golds being back for Series 1 will add some value that wasnt there this year.
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