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Originally Posted by Bills Martians View Post
Andrew, I am the buyer of your Terror in the Railroad printing plate. You said: "Printing plate - $150 (I don't know of any product in the Sports world where you'd have a normal, non-auto'ed plate that would sell for this much)" Your talking about Mars Attacks here! The most popular non-sports trading card ever to come out on the market! Collector's will try to collect a complete set of the four colors of a single # which will probably be next to impossible. Can't wait to get my plate!
Very true--Mars Attacks is an awesome set

It just surprised me when I was initially researching this product that these printing plates sold for so much. In the sports world, if you get $20 for one anymore that's pretty good (obviously some stars go higher).

I'm seriously considering buying some more cases, but I want to see how I do on this one first.

By the way, the rest of the break will be listed over the coming days in case there's anything else you're looking for
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