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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
Yea, it's more of a for fun thing for me, don't want to do it on the volume of 10-20 cases and rely on the profit. I see it as hopefully I break even (I stick to the lower end releases usually, Gypsy Queen I think was my biggest 3 case purchase money wise) and if I make money its a bonus. It's awesome breaking cases, but I'm smart about it too so I can keep doing it.

Also have a great system for keeping track of taxes, so I got that all covered.

Hopefully Series 1 is just as fun, hopefully the added parallels will add some value, and the golds being back for Series 1 will add some value that wasnt there this year.
Agreed but don't be tricked by added parallels, they will be tougher to pull than blacks if you read, as blacks are hobby only /62 and these are /50 and /99 right and not hobby only, plus code cards do not appear they will be that strong and without a wrapper redemption and with SP being up in air, who knows, we shall see, but I am adjusting expectations if I continue on
the emerald replaces the gold sparkles, so I hope it is strong, but also have to really study it
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