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Originally Posted by brentandbecca View Post
Agreed but don't be tricked by added parallels, they will be tougher to pull than blacks if you read, as blacks are hobby only /62 and these are /50 and /99 right and not hobby only, plus code cards do not appear they will be that strong and without a wrapper redemption and with SP being up in air, who knows, we shall see, but I am adjusting expectations if I continue on
the emerald replaces the gold sparkles, so I hope it is strong, but also have to really study it
Same, I am still doing my 4 cases, but I am not counting it as a slam dunk this year. I'm just saying that in 4 cases, say you pull 4-5 extra of the parallels than usual (say one per case of the ones either /99 or /50) then it might make up somewhat for losses in other areas.

HOPEFULLY they bring back Legend SPs, I think they would have added value because of the fact they were omitted in 2012. OR do a mix of both, like they kinda did in Series 2.

And all of this is hoping the manufactured relics stay hot, they sold very well this year.

When do you think we would know about the wrapper redemption btw, if there is one? I would assume there will be a pack limit too, which means more selling of empty wrappers.
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