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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
What I was talking about was if a company built a sorter and charged a couple bucks a set ($2-3) and shipping it directly for you to your customer.

I don't even know if its feasible but would the market be there for it? Essentially the cost to the seller would be shipping the base off to the hopper, the cost of the collating, and the cost of postage to wherever the sets were going.
I like the idea of it. The technology already exists. Topps can sort sets easily. We've all seen those machines which cut the cards, the card move along in the trays and can be sorted just as easily as they can be mixed up. If someone could build a sorting machine, but have it built inside their home, boy that would be a huge advantage, to have such a machine. Huge.

You know what I've always wondered? You know how most packs have cards that are oriented upside and downside, so when you open the pack you have to turn up (or down) several cards in the pack. That to me is one of the most annoying things about how they pack cards. Why the heck do the manufacturers do that? Are they doing that just to make our lives more difficult. Just having all the cards in the pack facing one uniform orientation would speed up sorting a bunch, maybe even 10-20%, I think? It would also cut down on dings, because occasionally when turning cards to the correct orientation, I might ding a corner or some such crap. It's important not to move too fast because you get more dings if you move fast.

Anyway, if anyone knows why the heck the manufacturers do that, I've love to know who's idea it was, and punch them in the face.
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