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Originally Posted by Moo Strength View Post
Could be worse, you could have been one of those fools 15 years ago who went out and bought cases of 1989 Fleer Baseball and 1990-1991 Upper Deck Basketball with hopes of paying for your kids college a decade later LMAO.

I had to laugh/cry for the hobby sake at least when I stopped collecting cards around 1997, and ten years later while being laid up from a back injury, I went and bought some boxes of 2008 Football, and discovered poor bastards on eBay selling those same '89 Fleer Baseball CASES for like $9 a piece. So many fools thought they would get rich 15 years ago by buying cases of cards like 1990 Leaf and the like, only to lose their shirts (and pretty much everything else too) when the market was over saturated with crap. You know it's bad in the collecting industry when you could still find 1988 Donruss baseball, quite possibly the most hideous card design in history 10 years later at Wal-mart in those rip-off sports card wonder packs....
90 LEAF 2 CASES were selling at over $200 a box back in the mid 90's. factory cost was about $57 box. so if you bought and held a 40 case lot at around
factory cost and flipped 3 years later you made a pretty good chunk of change. i know some guys who made some huge profits with that stuff
The most CRAZY thing i remember being involved with buying/flipping was 90 UD HI FRENCH hockey selling for $600-700 box or $13,000 a case. I still have a case it's worth about $225-250 now or $12 per box

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