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oh god. i do NOT know much about cars.

uh, i DO know that the Altima I rented for my big road-trip to Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minnesota was an Altima, and that bastard got amazing gas mileage and had a freaking huuuuuge tank.

RKC, i really got nothing great to help with on this one unfortunately. I think it's ultimately in our best interest to make the 30 second spot appeal to the middle class as well as the upper crust. Maybe alternate shots of a "regular" family pulling off of the lot with their new car, parking it in the garage, and then leaving in the morning to go to work at some decent looking job building area ish

Then at night, have the guy and girl go to a really ritzy party in it where they get out and a valet takes it (saying something like "nice" when they get behind the wheel or something dumb like that) and then have them walk into the big event with press around or some-such.

i dunno. some way to make it appeal to the middle class and the higher income earners should be a priority though.
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